Procedure & Follow Up


Terms for working with Italian partners

Objective of the seminar: Increasing awareness for the problems connected to a different mentality and culture as well as for the risks and rewards of working with an Italian partner.

Target: People that want, in a brief time, to get basic information relative to the objective of the seminar to avoid mistakes, misunderstandings and offenses and to exploit the specific opportunities offered by the partnership.

Length of the seminar: 6-7 hours (1 day);

Number of participants: 2- 6 people


Theme Complex 1: The state of things/ the preconceptions

  • What is the mutual perception of the two cultures and why is it like this?
  • What is the self-image and how high is the self esteem of each culture?
  • What are the specific talents and typical approaches for building and creating?
  • What are the results of partnerships with Italians?

Theme Complex 2: Time/ Rites and Rhythms / Feasibility and planning:

  • What does time mean in the two cultures?
  • Punctuality,
  • Planning, work time and free time;
  • Alcohol, coffee and food; rules of etiquette and attire; choosing between Lei or Tu?
Theme Complex 3: Feasibility and planning / Linguistic aspects / Humour:
  • Target oriented work in the two cultures; authority and hierarchy; plans and objectives; feasibility;
  • What are the special characteristics of the two languages that reveal the the real essence of the relative cultures
  • Aspects of the diversity in humour to avoid embarrassing situations without doing away with all the pleasantries.

Complex Theme 4: Gender Roles/ Verbal communication:

  • The role of the woman in the business world and in Italian society;
  • Verbal communication habits, the tendency to be brief or analytic, fine tuning intercultural abilities.

Procedure: The seminar deals with four complex themes which we have singled out by their particular differences, their risk or richness in opportunities which we have found in our experience of more than 10 years of collaboration with Italian partners. The topics are introduced in various ways and immediately become subjects of discussion in the seminar to access the experience of the participants and relate the treatment of the subject to the specific needs of the people present. Then the discussion becomes a short assignment and afterward an audio-visual presentation or the reading of a text to give the participants the opportunity to transform the information that they have received into concrete actions.

Brief follow-up: We recommend completing the seminar with a brief follow-up conversation after approx. 3 months. This allows you to absorb the information you've received and, above all, to exchange your impressions about the application of the information you've received in the daily work of everyday life.

For information and requests: assitrad@ctl-languages.ch

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